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Lucien is the first release in the Monfalcone Design ONE Collection.  These lines will be once off, particularly artistic designs, that will not be repeated in the current iteration. 

There will be at most two to three exquisite designs released in this collection per year, and they will represent the pinnacle of our brand. All of these are lovingly made and fully assembled by hand by our Head of Design in our studio.

Lucien is a chandelier piece constructed from delicate pieces of steel sheet that have been carefully welded together before being coated, and a combination of acrylic rods and tubes transmit light through the sphere.

Approximate dimensions: 

Sphere diameter: +/- 850mm

Length: +/- 1300mm

Due to the unique nature of this luminaire, shipping is NOT included.  Courier and delivery arrangements will be quoted in consultation after purchase to ensure that it arrives in the most cost and time effective way with adequate protection and insurance.