Need a custom design? We offer design and consulting services.

Custom design and consulting

Some projects are unique, and require a masterpiece to complete them and create a spectacular focal point.

Lighting is the primary element that transforms a space, and our team is consummate at working hand in glove with you, intimately understanding your requirements and constraints, and conceptualising, designing and manufacturing that perfect masterpiece.

Due to the time and effort that goes into custom work, our minimum order value for this is R15,000, and each job will be quoted based on size, complexity, materials, and design and R&D requirements. Orders that are made up of multiple units of the same design will attract a lower per unit rate, as the design cost is then applied over multiple units rather than just one.

Our pendant range can also be customised outside of the standard black and brass in a wide range of colours and cable options to match your interior theme.

For custom work and consulting enquiries, mail us, or call Lau, our Head of Design, to schedule a consultation.